Payment Taken But No Order Confirmation

Please be assured that our website is set up in a way that we cannot receive any payment from a user unless we generate a corresponding order for that payment. Therefore, your payment/order is safe with us.

If you believe a payment has been deducted from your card but you haven't received an order number or order confirmation email yet, this could be because of one of the following reasons:

  1. Your payment and order might have gone through but there may have been a typing mistake in your email address. And so the order confirmation email would not be received. Reach out to our customer service and we will be able to correct your email address and re-send the order confirmation email to you.
  2. Sometimes, your order might not have gone through but your bank or credit card provider would still do a temporary authorization on your card which might appear to be a payment. This would typically show under the "Pending" transactions on your card statement or app. This type of authorization is not in our control and generally gets reversed or removed in a matter of hours depending on your bank or credit card provider.

If you'd like us to check our records and confirm, please feel free to contact our customer service and we will be happy to help.